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What's the difference between a Car Detail and a Car wash?

The difference is in the details – and that’s the JBT Mobile Detail difference. A car detail comprises of a car wash, but a car wash does not always take care of the details.

JBT is not a drive-through, automatic or a while-you-wait car wash service. Most automatic and budget-priced car washes run on a volume model, where they aim to wash as many cars as possible, as quickly as possible. We take our time to take care of your car, with a painstakingly thorough, multi-stage manual process. A car wash will get your car clean. A car detail will clean, restore, recondition and protect your vehicle, with noticeable, lasting results.

Professional auto detailers aim to not only improve the appearance of a vehicle, they also consider its condition and longevity, ensuring that the delicate paintwork and interior fabrics are treated and protected using the most suitable tools and products. Dust and debris from the tiniest nooks and crevices will be removed, and extensive attention is paid to the areas that most car washes skip over in the name of speed. This dedication to the details has a dramatic effect on the overall final result – at JBT, it’s like driving home in a new car, fresh out of the showroom.

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A car wash quickly cleans your vehicle, while a car detail involves a thorough, multi-stage process to clean, restore, and protect it. JBT Mobile Detail meticulously cares for your car, reaching every nook and cranny, ensuring lasting results and enhancing its appearance and longevity.

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